Fort Pierce has come a long way from being a relatively small town to a populated city. As more people inhabited the area, crime shot up. Eventually, it became suppressed. Now, it rose back up. Even if the crime rate was low to none, it’s always good to have Fort Pierce deadbolts installed. And not just any deadbolt. There are different types of deadbolts. Both provide security. However, one may be more preferable than the other. You have your lock that requires a key to be inserted on the outside of the door and has a lever that twists from the inside. The other one requires a key to be inserted from both sides of the lock.

It’s best to have a deadbolt that requires a key to be inserted from both sides. This is for maximum security and protection of your home. All County Lock & Key can help provide this. We install, repair, and replace deadlocks. Our staff can also install peepholes to go along with your current or new lock(s)! Aside from deadbolts, one of our other specialties involves safes. Whether it be selling or repairing safes, your security is All County Lock & Key’s priority. The company’s employees can assist you with any inquiry regarding your safe and deadbolts. Our services don’t stop there, though. Any matter regarding locks or keys, you come to us.