Having a key is vital for entering your home, your sanctuary. It’s a very delicate and small item. Now, we all have our moments where we’re forgetful, distracted, or just simply have a bad habit of losing things, especially keys! Key misplacement is very common, and a major problem as well. Without your key, you won’t be able to enter your home and relax after a long day of work or get something that you had to go back for. Mostly everyone has a busy agenda daily, and most agendas rule out a copy of a key, or keys. As you may know, key duplication is very crucial. In fact, it’s just as crucial as choosing the right Fort Pierce key duplication service.

All County Lock & Key specializes in keys amongst other things, as the name of our company suggests. We’ve been servicing the Fort Pierce area for over 1 1/2 decades. We can make a copy of the keys to your car, keys to your apartment or house, keys to your motorcycle, key to your boat…….We offer this service to you in-store and in our All County Lock & Key mobile! The representatives of our company who give function to this exceptional service will make a duplicate of the key(s) you want copied on-site. Our mobile service offers additional services. Call to inquire!