The crime rate in Fort Pierce can either fluctuate or increase. This is a risk that’s not worth taking. There’s always the possibility of someone breaking into your home. Whoever does is more than likely to take one thing or a bunch of things. In most cases, burglars take items of great value. Nowadays, burglars take anything that they find attractive. This can range from a batch of liquor to expensive electronic devices. All of that hard-earned money you used to purchase the new iPad or that 60 in. flat screen HDTV you’ve always wanted will end up going to waste if you don’t have a safe. All County Lock & Key can help keep your precious items safe!

Fort Pierce safes are always good to have, especially if you happen to live in an area that has even a fair crime history. But, whether it does or doesn’t, you should have a safe, or safes, to protect your most valuable possessions. If you don’t and happen to be a victim of thievery, then you would regret it. Our safe services are hard-proofed and prestigious. We have all kinds of safes that you can think of. All County Lock & Key can repair your safe(s) and install them. As for inquiries regarding safe combinations, our staff can assist you with that. The prime hours when thieves attempt to break into your home is at night, which is why we have emergency services Monday through Friday 5pm-8pm!