A deadbolt is a type of lock that contains a cylinder which requires a key. There are a few deadbolts of different design. You may be familiar with the traditional circular deadbolt. The other kind is a handle with a button-like cylinder inside of it that has a keyhole. Deadbolts emphasize on much further security and protection for your home. To maximize your home’s security and protection, it’s highly recommended that you have two deadbolts containing a cylinder on both sides of the door. Thus, a key’s required to get in and out of your home. And only you have such a key. Don’t fret if you live in the Port St Lucie area. Port St Lucie deadbolts are easy to install.

Who would you call, though? Certainly not the Ghostbusters! All County Lock & Key is who you need. We’ve been installing deadbolts for over two decades. We can also repair them. These two things are only a little taste of the total amount of services the company has to offer. If you’ve lost your key(s) and can’t unlock your deadbolt lock(s), then our mobile service can assist you. Do you know any other lock & key company that has a mobile workshop? We didn’t think so. All County Lock & Key is your no. 1 stop for all things keys, locks, and safes.