Having a lock on the door to your home and a lock on a gated storage room are just a couple of necessities involving locks. While the purpose and functionality of a lock may be simple, there are locks out there that can be complex. Locks are generally durable. However, things such as having a key that’s stuck or part of a key breaking off in the lock can put a damper on them. It’s ok if either of these things happen, because it just does! Additionally, locks wear-off as time goes on. If you live in the Port St Lucie area and happen to have a problem with your lock(s) and/or key(s), then you need a Port St Lucie locksmith.

A good locksmith is one that knows what they’re doing and is reliable. Here at All County Lock & Key, we understand the mechanics of various different kinds of locks. Our staff can install and repair locks with ease and years of experience. The company’s vehicles which the employees drive are mobile mini All County Lock & Key stores. The vans come equipped with a key-making factory. Besides installing and repairing locks, we can make keys upon request on-site! The representative can also unlock your vehicle’s door if you have difficulty getting inside of it or out of it (it happens).