Many people think of security, protection, safeguarding when locks come to mind. All they know and care about is the purpose of a lock, which is fine. But, knowing what a lock’s composed of and how it functions can be useful. The history of locks can also be quite interesting. Locks can go back as far as ancient Rome, when the wealthy would store prized possessions, valuables, and other certain noteworthy items in a storage box that had a built-in lock. Times have changed ever since then, and the science of locks are included. A variety of locks were eventually innovated. It all started just from a simple basic one.

One of these locks that were founded in time is the deadbolt, which can only be unlocked by turning its cylinder. The cylinder is the guts of the deadbolt. Stuart deadbolts mean more security for your home, and All County Lock & Key can provide that plus more. To return to deadbolts for a moment, we can install them with ease. Our staff can also perform any repairs on your old or new locks if necessary. All County Lock & Key has been in the lock and key business for over two decades! We know the mechanics behind different types of locks, and can make keys infront of your home! Contact us for more information.