You may not know it, but safes have rich historical value. About two centuries ago, the Chubb brothers (Charles and Jeremiah) commenced producing safes. In conjunction with producing safes, they also produced locks. Chubb brothers safes paved the way for the invention of a fire and accident resistant safe. Before this era, there were “strongboxes” Back then, safes typically required a key that people either held or hid. Unfortunately, at that time, technology wasn’t advanced enough to offer maximum security and protection (digital combinations, etc). This made key bearers extremely vulnerable.

Luckily for you, today’s safes are more secure than ever. This includes Stuart safes. You have all kinds of safes to choose from; gun safes, jewelry box safes, fire-proof safes………Besides locks and keys being specialties to All County Lock & Key, we also specialize in safes. We’re actually a full-service safe company. Aside from selling safes, an All County Lock & Key representative can open a safe upon request and repair it as necessary. They can also assist with getting your safe set up and ready to safeguard! If you have trouble with the desired combination code, we can reset it for you. All County Lock& Key emphasises with its customers and comprehends the idea of safety and how vital it is to you.