A lock is a lock, and a deadbolt is a deadbolt. What’s the difference, you might ask. A lock can refer to a padlock, a relatively small security device that fits well on the palm of your hand. You’re more than likely to have seen this in storage warehouses or people using them for their luggage at airports. They can be medium-sized and bigger. They require a key, which is usually small. While padlocks satisfy the concept of generally getting a lock (for protection), they demand a small key for them to unlock. A deadbolt usually has a built-in cylinder which requires to be turned for it to unlock. Additionally, a deadbolt lock can have a handle.

Deadbolts may not be as simple as padlocks or any other type of lock. However, they translate into far more protection for you, your home, and precious things. If you reside in the Vero Beach area, then you may want to contact a locksmith and inquire about Vero Beach deadbolts. You would need to contact All County Lock & Key. We’ve been handling deadbolt inquiries for over 20 years, alongside a wide array of other things. Specialties are deadbolts, safes, repairing, replacing, and installing. We’re also the only known locksmith company to have a mobile key workshop!