Key duplication, or key cutting, has a history too of course, besides safes and locks. The term “key cutting” originated from utilizing material and tools to create the shape of a key. It’s a matter of cutting or trimming. Hence “key cutting.” Such an old-fashioned term is tossed around rarely. But, a Vero Beach Locksmith that does Vero Beach key duplication may more than likely speak the term more often than you don’t hear. Furthermore, key duplication isn’t as easy as most people may think. It demands precision and years of experience. If you need your key(s) copied, or just need one cut, then select a locksmith company that’s licensed and insured.

Not doing so will lead to great frustration. That’s why All County Lock & Key exists! Besides key cutting, we provide a handful of other services, from opening your car door to installing and repairing different kinds of locks. We also have emergency services available Monday through Friday, 5pm-8pm and on Saturdays too! 9am-5pm. You never know when you need a locksmith during the evening hours. As for duplicating keys, there’s not a key that we can’t duplicate. We actually have a company vehicle that acts as a mobile key workshop! Courtesy, expertise, and professionalism is what All County Lock & Key has to offer. Call today!