Things such as a malfunctioning lock can arise. Yes, locks are durable and fulfill their purpose; to secure your home, private belongings, sheds…..But, like everything else, locks wither away over time. Something can get stuck in the mechanism too, like a broken-off key for instance. It can happen. You could insert a key into the lock of your house door and it wouldn’t nudge. So you wiggle it as the key remains inside the lock to try to get the cylinder going. Persistence can come a long way, but not here.

Leave the job of opening your door to a Vero Beach Locksmith, an All County Lock & Key Locksmith. We have certified technicians that are ready to make your life stress-free. Got a key that’s stuck in a lock? No problem. Locked yourself out of your vehicle? We can help with that too. Wish to have your lock(s) repaired or replaced? Absolutely. Our techs will even advise you that they need to be fixed or replaced as they’re working on your original inquiry. All County Lock & Key cares about your locks, and your keys! We have emergency services available Monday through Friday, 5pm-8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.