Safes are not called “safes” for a reason. For one thing, they guard the items that you wish to be especially protected and not have visible to the naked eye. Not storing certain items will make them prone to being stolen or tampered with. All County Lock & Key is certain that you don’t want this. Everyone has at least one thing of value. The item doesn’t have to be luxurious. It could be something that holds great meaning. Don’t feel embarrassed by what that item may be. It’s better to keep it “safe” than be sorry! All County Lock & Key puts the safe in safety. For starters, we sell safes. Our technicians can put your mind at ease and help setup your safe.

If you wish to not buy our safes, then we can help you with your current one(s). Vero Beach safes should be entrusted in a company that’s licensed, insured, and experienced. All County Lock & Key has been in the lock, key, and safe business since 1987. We can open and fix your new or current safe. ACLK sells all kinds of safes in various sizes. Have guns, but don’t know where to store them? You may want to consider purchasing a gun safe. That’s just one type of safe we have available to you. Our expertise also lie in key duplication, lock repair and installation, and more. All County Lock & Key is not only favored in Vero Beach, but in other counties as well. So call today!